Who We Are

High Note Music Academy (located in Nepean-Ottawa) seeks to instill and enhance a love of music in all of its students, whether their musical endeavours are for personal pleasure, or with higher performance or career aspirations. We provide a wide variety of music lessons flexible and specified to your needs. Let us help you achieve the high notes of musical success!

High Note is open all year round. Call us now to register for spring or summer lessons!


Academic Tutoring

www.nepeantutoring.com (a division of High Note Music Academy Inc.)

We specialize in academic improvement, test preparation, high-school & university admissions. Whether you are looking to reach ahead, work on your deficiencies or looking to ace your next exam, come check us out. Our qualified instructors and safe learning environment make it the top choice for tutoring!


High Note Music Academy is more than just a Music School.  The Academy offers professional programs in both music and academic tutoring of various academic subjects.

The hands-on involvement of the High Note owner ensures that the quality of the programs are closely monitored and personalized services are offered.

“Both my daughters have been attending High Note Academy since it opened its doors.  Over the years, we have received professional dedication that both the teachers and staff provide.  They have encouraged and inspired my children to keep striving in both Piano and French lessons and it continues to be a very positive experience.  For any parent who is looking for a quality and enriching program for their children, High Note Music Academy is the place to be.” – Shelina

“We have been taking our kids to High Note for several years.  The teachers are great and our children have learned so much. The business owners are incredibly well organized and courteous and have gone to great lengths to accommodate our children’s ever changing sports activities.   We are very pleased with High Note Music Academy.”– Wendy

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